Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Saving Grace [Film]

This humorous British film is available in video stores now. It takes place on the Cornish Coast of England, with tiny travels to London. Life in a small British village is the focus. Grace's husband has died and she needs cash to keep her house. She is a fantastic gardener, her only talent. A fellow who works for her uses this to grow very high quality marijuana. She and he try to peddle the stuff to save the estate. Joy follows. You get to see some wonderful shots of the coast, its cliffs and cascading waves. The small village has the traditional church and an active pub life. The estate house is a classic British place. They even toss in the traditional Scot to be the brunt of English jokes. The accents are heavy and the laughs are deep. You even get to see that the British have riding lawn mowers. A wonderful little film.

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