Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Perfect Storm [Film]

The Perfect Storm can be a wonderful reference for several points in the social studies curriculum. George Clooney stars in this epic film about a massive storm in October 1991 that hits as he is fishing on the Grand Banks. Consider the following from the film: [1] The power of the ocean is clear established. Given North Dakota's distance from the ocean and its power, this film can give kids that sense. [2] The Grand Banks has been a major fishing area for centuries. The trouble George Clooney is facing as a fisherman stems from the extended overfishing of the banks. [3] The supply of fish was a powerful draw in the settlement of eastern Canada. The decline of that industry has been a problem in the fishing towns and villages of Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Besides the important lessons above, the views of Gloucester, Massachusetts are spectacular. The docks, lighthouse, channel, and buildings show what a fishing dock area looks like.

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