Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Finder [Fox]


The Finder offers a counter weight to CSI: Miami in showing southern Florida.  The urban-beach oriented CSI: Miami is pushed more into the back waters of the swamp in The FinderThe Finder follows an Iraq War veteran who has developed extreme abilities to fathoim where something that is lost and sought is to be found.  His apparent long term skills at this are heightened by mental changes that occurred after an IED explosion in Iraq.

His headquarters is dive called the Ends of the Earth in a swmap grove near Miami, at Looking Glass Key.  One gets to see a very tropical looking establishment that looks very run down and is reminiscent of tropical islands places in movies.  Windows?  No, shutters get closed.

The tropical environment is fairly clear in the nature of the dive, its drinks, the clothes, and the weather.  A hurricane provides the setting to use technology and logic to find a killer.  The human Google is bound to be a classic.  Of course, it all gets going as he is boarding up the shutters in anticiaption of the storm.  Other bodies appear or not in the swamps.  All this takes place in a sourrounding of palm trees, of course.  And do not forget the very typical air boats used in those swmaps.

While he has this more non-Miami focus, the urban environment is not ignored.  The show just goes for a bit of eccentric isolation in the world of wonderful weather.