Friday, November 11, 2011

Inside Daisy Clover

An oldie but a goodie. Inside Daisy Clover is Hollywood in the 1930s.  Daisy (Natalie Wood) is discovered off her cheap beachfront lifestyle by her sending a record of her singing to Swan Studios.  Swan (Christopher Plummer) loves her and makes her a star.  The life overloads her and she collapses then escapes.

The geography is that of Malibu, Santa Monica Pier [Robby Cress 2011] and likely Beverly Hills/Hollywood.  The beach is open and uncluttered with housing like today, as might be seen in Two and a Half Men (CBS).  The peri has that cheap look of an old carnival.  Studios and mansions look like studios and mansions.  A cross section of the place is shown.