Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Monk [TV]

Monk. [USA] Monk is a psychologically challenged detective with OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder] in San Francisco. He has a number of quirks that have led to his removal from the police force, but he continues to solve crimes. His crime-solving abilities stem from his deeply felt desire for order. In one episode he witnesses a murder because he just has to get out of his car and straighten the antenna on another car. Order is paramount. The environment of San Francisco is portrayed in great detail. There is no focus on the stereotypic cable cars, here. The show is in the houses, buildings, and neighborhoods. Occasionally they leave town, mostly for rural California.. They did travel to New York City once, but Monk could not take the noise and disorder.

This is a most enjoyable show that uses the environment just as Law and Order uses New York City, but without the addresses of where they are. The show is addictive and you must watch yourself. The true fan begins to straighten ajar papers and pens at meetings. Order becomes a way of life. Others seem to understand.

Also published in Dakota Alliance XV 1.

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