Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Kate & Leopold [Film]

[Miramax 2001] This light comedy stars Meg Ryan [Kate] and Hugh Jackman [Leopold] as lovers separated by 100 years of life. Leopold travels forward in time from a horse and buggy New York City to the metropolis that it now is. He falls in love with Kate, and she with him. The complications are fairly clear as they live in different times. The geographic contrast of New York City over a 100-year period is a major theme in the film. Life has changed. The Brooklyn Bridge has survived, but the nature of living and life has altered. The empty streets, easily open to a racing horse ride change to those of streets filled with people and vehicles. The ethics are the focus for the characters once they get over the shock of the geography. Overlaying all the buildings, vehicles, and conveniences of life are a massive shift in how people treat each other. An enjoyable film. It is a rare treat in being able to see the same spots through the eyes and minds of the same people 100 years apart.

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