Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Judging Amy [TV]

[Locational Use: Moderate] Judging Amy followed Providence into lower New England. They are in two different cities, and seem very different in their thoughts on the nature of those cities. Judging Amy takes place in Hartford. media.htmIn Providence, the city is in a wonderfulplace. Hartford, on the other hand, seems seedy and trouble-filled. Amy's Mom is a social worker troubled with the usual problems faced in the line of work. Amy is a judge of family court. She faces the usual problems one has come to expect within families in postmodern America. Niether faces an attractive, peaceful world. While on Providence the neighborhood is wonderful, Judging Amy is in a decent, but lower quality, part of town. The environment shows up a lot less. Amy relies on a few outdoor scenes, while Providence shows a great deal of Providence. Providence relishes in its place; Amy is just in Hartford to have some geographic roots. The point seems to be more that one network went home to Rhode Island, so the other had to follow. This is very typcial behavior. Note ER and Chicago Hope. The are both in Chicago with similar hospital settings. They started at the same time.

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