Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Providence [TV]

[NBC, Friday, Locational Use: strong] Providence takes place in Providence, Rhode Island. The show takes a plastic surgeon to the stars of Hollywood and puts her back home in Providence after her mother dies. The series begins with some typical contrasts of Califonria's hype and free lifestyle to the more basic qualities of home in the East. That home is not completely pure, as a Midwest location would imply, but has people with real problems who strive for something more pure. The series has numerous outside shots of buildings and landscapes. Mention is often made of where the show is and local characteristics. Of special note is that the theme song begins "there are places I remember" [Beatles]. Even the song emphasizes the show's theme that place is important. [April 16, 1999] Update: Providence continues to exploit the scenery of Providence. Outside scenes are a part of every episode I have observed.

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