Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dawson's Creek

[Locational Use: Moderate] Dawson's Creek takes place on Cape Cod. It moderately uses the seaside themes available to it. Locations that would normally connect with people on Cape Cod (Boston, New York) are mentioned at times. There has been some mislocation of the show in some people's minds. This stems from the fact that the outside work is done in Wilmington, North Carolina. Some of my students have thought it was located there. Even the writers may be confused as TV Guide issued a "jeer" to Creek after Jen and Dawson went skinny dipping in December. TV Guide pointed out that it was too cold in Massachusetts in December for that. The show has numerous water-related scenes and makes use of other on-shore sites that would easily be found in Cape Cod. [April 16, 1999] Update: The 2001 season saw the group move into Boston for college and other things. Boston harbor is shown, and some pretty impressive spaces including dorms.

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