Sunday, October 06, 2013

Good Movies and Their Place


3. Peyton Place [1957]. My favorite book made into a great screen film. Melodrama at its best. Diana Varsi is marvelous as Alison MacKenzie. Hope Lange does an excellently troubled Salena Cross. And David Nelson not trailing his younger brother is a treat for those of that age. Lloyd Nolan is crotchety as the old town doctor. Russ Tamblyn is near totally perfect in his role as Norman. And all of this is Grace Metalious’s marvelously constructed story of small town New England life. And the view of New England is breathtaking. Your geographic view combines some stereotypic icons of New England like the leaves and the lobsters, with a 1941 look at the nature of housing and life.  The images in the credits are particular place setting and beautiful.  The view from Peyton’s Rock gives an over view of the area.  Of course, just the scenes of daily life take lace ina tre lined, lake, ocean area.

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