Monday, August 05, 2013

Tommy (1975)


Tommy was written by The Who.  It follows the life of a traumatized young fellow who is blind, dumb, and deaf.  He is, of course, the famous “Pinball Wizard.”  While shot at several sites in England, most notably around Portsmouth, the closing scene is shot at Borrowdale in the Lake District in Cumbria. 

In final the scene Tommy climbs a rocky crag of a mountain.  We see Borrowdale Water (lake) below.  A stunning scene showing a part of the United Kingdom.  The he Cambrian Mountains, which reach a peak in the Kjollen of Norway, are progressively reduced as they show across Scotland, England, and Ireland.  well worn down, most often with full vegetative coves.  The Highlands are their popular reference, as in the Highlands of Scotland.  While reaching over 8000 feet in Norway, they top at only over 3000 feet in the UK.  They do receive a height boost by the fact that the valley floors are often rather close to sea level, thus providing a great visual extent to the mountains.

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Tommy-The Conclusion

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