Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Yellow Rolls-Royce [1964]


i003886 from IMCDB

The Yellow Rolls-Royce follows the peaks and valleys of its various owner’s romance lives over several decades beginning with its production in 1930. It is a classic looking Rolls with black top and a yellow body.

The first owners are English nobility, the car bought on a whim but returned quickly after illicit romance takes place in the back seat. One gets a short look at London, but the view is not very informative.

Some more miles get put on it and it arrives in Italy and goes to the hands of a mobster from Amwrica played by George C. Scott. Of course his moll, Shirley MacLaine, has a trsit with her illicit lover in the back seat and things end poorly. While in Italy one starts in Genoa, but moves on quickly. One sees some magnificent views of the country. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is paused at for a significant time. One sees the larger Basilica and the surrounding area. Heading south one notes the narrow hillside roads and a coast with shining water and magnificent cliffs. The buildings wear their age with romance. The weather is glorious.

The final section is in Triti then into the Dinaric Alps of the then Yugoslavia, but was shot in Austria(IMDb 1990). The political intrigue of the region is amply displayed. The mountains steal to screen with beautiful valleys and extensive woodlands. The narrow, curvy roads add to the danger of driving while bombing might take place. The rural villages are likely still in place and have that ancient charm. The down to earth attitudes of the villagers are clear and the devotion to life and family.

A good film with a typical Hollywood story and some pieces of Europe tossed in.

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